Smarticipate has the power to help citizens share their ideas and opinions on how their city should be developed, but how does it work in practice? To answer this question a series of ‘Urban Stories’ have been created, providing examples of how the smarticipate platform can be applied in London, Hamburg, and Rome.

While the stories themselves are based on the real capabilities of the platform, the characters in the Urban Stories are fictitious. They serve to display the type of common issues that citizens, public authorities and businesses have in urban areas, and how smarticipate can be used to help them tackle these issues.

Browsing through the Urban Stories is perhaps the best way to fully appreciate the potential of the smarticipate platform, with each one providing an insight into the platform’s value within different development scenarios.

There are currently two Urban Stories available for each of the three partner cities, with topics covered including the planting of trees in a residential area of Hamburg, the development of a football field in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and the creation of a commercial and recreational area in Rome.

The Urban Stories illustrate how the smarticipate platform facilitates interaction between the city administration, citizens, and businesses and developers.

To view the Urban Stories, visit the Resources page.