Smarticipate als Smart City für alle Bürger [German]

Published by: Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung

March – April, 2017

Was wäre, wenn jeder Bürger Zugang hätte zu den gleichen Informationen,  wie  die  Behörden  seiner  Stadt?  Um  dieser  Frage nachzugehen, entwickelt WeLoveTheCity, spezialisiert in  partizipativer  Planung  und  Stadterneuerung,  gemeinsam  mit dem Fraunhofer-Institut (IGD) und anderen europäischen Partnern in Zusammenarbeit mit drei Pilotstädten die digita-le Plattform „smarticipate“… (read more)

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Open Governance in the Smart City

Published by: Urenio

8 May, 2017

Open Governance in the Smart City is a scoping report providing an overview of the variety of approaches local governments and communities can take to ICT enabled open governance. Through eleven cases, 9 european and 2 non-european cities, the report also discusses risks and challenges, concluding with a number of recommendations. … (read more)

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Smarticipate: Grab your potential to open up the smart city

Published by: EU Smart cities Information System

26 April , 2017

The term Smart City has many definitions. Most of them are made by scientists, researchers and industry experts. But often, cities use an abstract definition without considering the practical requirements of citizens. So why are citizens not directly asked about their expectations? Doing this would help cities, since they often don’t know how to bring the Smart City to the ground to serve the real needs of their… (read more)

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Gemeinsam urbane Aufgaben und Probleme lösen [German]

Published by: B_I Medien

22 February, 2017

„smarticipate“ ist ein EU gefördertes Projekt, das mit Hilfe von Bürgerbeteiligung in Pilotstädten den Weg in die „Smart Cities“ bereiten soll. Die B_I galabau sprach mit Dr. Nicole Schubbe, Hamburger Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung, über die Ziele und die Umsetzung in der Hansestadt… (read more)

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Innovative Approaches to Urban Data Management using Emerging Technologies

Published by: Jens Dambruch, Andreas Stein and Veneta Ivanova

6 February , 2017

Many characteristics of Smart cities rely on a sufficient quantity and quality of urban data. Local industry and developers can use this data for application development that improves life of all citizens. Therefore, the handling and usability of this data is a big challenge for smart cities. In this paper we investigate new… (read more)

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Smart technology for cities and citizens

Published by: EU Smart Cities Information System

07 December, 2016

Like most people in Europe today, I own a smart-phone. This summer, as I cruised across France on my bike for two months, it was my life-line. Online maps guided me through cities and countryside, crowd-sourced review websites helped me pick where to snack and sleep, booking applications made last-minute hotel… (read more)

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Smarticipate – citizen participation in smart cities

Published by: ResearchGate

5 November , 2016

Currently, Smart Cities mostly collect data and provide it to select experts, such as urban planners. Going forward, we believe the insights gained from this data also have to be available to citizens and businesses. The information has to be accessible and usable – there has to be a proper dialog between the smart city and its smart citizens… (read more)

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Smart cities, smarticipate!

Published by: Pan European Networks

November, 2016

Breakthroughs in information and communication technology are changing the way we interact, work and spend our leisure time. Smartphones allow us to access and consume information on the go and experience our urban areas in a new way. Real-time maps guide us through city streets, crowdsourced review websites help us to… (read more)

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Smarte Bürgerbeteiligung, Einladung zum EU-Projekt „smarticipate“ [German]

Published by: der neue RUF

8 October , 2016

Das EU-Pro-jekt „smarticipate“ lädt Hambur-ger am 8. Oktober zum Work-shop ein. Neben London und Rom ist Hamburg Pilotstadt im von der Europäischen Union geförderten Projekt „smartici-pate“. Ziel ist es, eine App für Smartphones  zu  entwickeln, in der Ideen und Vorschläge von Bürgerinnen und Bürge-rinnen… (read more, page 6)

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Hamburger Projektauftakt des EU-Projekts »Smarticipate« [German]

Published by: Netzwerk Buergerbeteiligung

6 October, 2016

Hamburg ist neben London und Rom Pilotstadt des EU-Projekts »smarticipate«. Ziel des Projektes ist es, eine digitale Plattform zu entwickeln, mit der Bürgerbeteiligung noch einfacher und effektiver werden soll und Bürger/innen direkt ihre Nachbarschaft und Stadt verbessern können. Zum Projektauftakt in Hamburg… (read more)

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Smarte Bürgerbeteiligung mitgestalten [German]

Published by:

6 October , 2016

Neben London und Rom ist Hamburg Pilotstadt im von der Europäischen Union geförderten Projekt „smarticipate“. Ziel ist es, eine App für Smartphones zu entwickeln, in der Ideen und Vorschläge von Bürgerinnen und Bürgerinnen mithilfe des städtischen Datenbestandes direkt auf ihre Umsetzbarkeit geprüft… (read more)

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Smarte Bürgerbeteiligung mitgestalten [German]

Published by: WUZ

6 October , 2016

Neben London und Rom ist Hamburg PilotstaStadtentwicklungsbehördedt im von der Europäischen Union geförderten Projekt „smarticipate“. Ziel ist es, eine App für Smartphones zu entwickeln, in der Ideen und Vorschläge von Bürgerinnen und Bürgerinnen mithilfe des städtischen Datenbestandes direkt auf… (read more)

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Opening up the smart city: The smarticipate platform

Published by: URENIO

5 October , 2016

Through smarticipate citizens will be given access to data about their city, enabling them to better support the decision-making process. Local governments will have the means to tap into the ingenuity of their residents, gaining valuable ideas. This two-way feedback makes cities more democratic and dynamic… (read more)

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„Smarticipate“  EU-Pilotprojekt will unkomplizierte Bürgerbeteiligung erproben

Published by: Bergedorfer Zeitung

4 October, 2016

Bergedorf.. Von der Öffentlichkeit bislang weitgehend unbemerkt, soll kommenden Sonnabend, 8. Oktober, in Hamburg ein EU-Pilotprojekt starten. Besonders Menschen aus dem Bezirk Bergedorf sind eingeladen, an der Entwicklung einer App für Smartphones und Computer mitzuwirken… (read more)

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Why cities are a solution to climate change

Published by: Government Gazette

29 September , 2016

What makes a great city? Currently, cities are facing a variety of interrelated economic, climatic, demographic and social challenges. However, they can transform into great places to live and work by achieving smart growth, doing more with less. Here is a review of the steps city mayors and senior policy makers across Europe… (read more)

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Public Participation is key to the Smart City

Published by: DVW – Intergeo Report

26 September, 2016

How can members of the public have a greater say in their cities’ political decisions and planning processes? Hamburg,
Rome and London are showing the way, and smarticipate is providing the platform. Involving members of the public from the  outset  instead  of  confronting  them  with  planning  outcomes  is  the  aim  of… (read more)

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Dr. Joachim Rix – opinion leader talk – smarticipate

Published by: Intergeo- TV

9 September, 2016

View the opinion leader talk video here.

MAY 9-11. Smarticipate Rome

Published by: Eutropian

12 May, 2016

Partners from the Smarticipate project visited Rome and worked on use cases for the development of an open data-based participatory platforms. The Smarticipate project aims to use open data to give citizens the information needed to shape their city. By making data accessible and understandable… (read more)

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SMARTICIPATE – Smart open data services for open governance

Published by: Nlpersberichten

29 October, 2015

Rotterdam, The Netherlands (29 October 2015) – WeLoveTheCity bv is a Rotterdam-based company that specializes in participatory urban planning & design. Today the European Commission announced that its Smarticipate proposal has been awarded with financial support from their programme ICT-enabled Open Government… (read more)

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