A new video produced by the smarticipate project gives an overview of the discussion between the City of Rome and citizens at the Rome Smartathon, an event to showcase and explore how the smarticipate online urban planning platform could be improved. The three minute video includes interviews with project partners from the City of Rome and participants at the event.

“Smarticipate will benefit from what our stakeholders bring to the table today. They will tell us what is good and what isn’t, and this will help our scientific partners to refine and improve, and in the end create a truly participatory tool,“ said Ms. Rosella Caputo, Manager of the Urban Planning Department of Rome.

Ms Flavia Marzano, City Councillor for Technology and Innovation in Rome, believes that initiatives that put policymakers and citizens in contact are useful for two primary reasons: to increase interaction and awareness, and to increase mutual trust. “If I listen and my voice is heard, my confidence increases,” said Ms. Marzano.

To view the video, click here.