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While the EU-funded project aspect of smarticipate – which saw project partners develop and test the smarticipate platform in cooperation with Rome (Italy), Hamburg (Germany) and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London (United Kingdom) – has come to an end, the platform itself will live on. Local governments from all regions of Europe can now use the platform in their city, enhancing urban planning and increasing the involvement of citizens.

Those who are interested in making their city more democratic and dynamic by using the smarticipate platform can contact Maria Lemper at For more information, click here.

Live case studies

Over 20 interviews with project partners, IT experts, politicians and interested citizens were conducted during the smarticipate project’s three-year duration, providing a comprehensive look at the smarticipate journey. To capture these voices, the page “Opening up about the smart city: the live case studies” has been created.

Click here to visit the Live Case Studies page

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