The smarticipate platform makes open data available to citizens in an understandable format. By doing so, it transforms open data from a little used resource to a vital tool to plan the future of a city.

Through the platform, users can see proposed urban planning changes on a 2D/3D map of their city, comment and interact.

If potential changes violate any legal or policy barriers, the intelligent system informs the user and gives detailed reasons based on the data provided. In addition to making changes to urban design, citizens can feed in data from their own locality, improving data sets.

Try it out!

A development version of the smarticipate platform is available for testing below. An existing set of topics have been developed, though the platform allows for additional data and rule sets to be configured.

Launch prototype smarticipate platform

Who is it for?

The smarticipate platform allows citizens to add their voice to urban planning discussions, particularly those that may not have engaged in the process otherwise. This is accomplished based on citizens’ contributions, who bring forward specific ideas and proposals.

Entrepreneurs can be alerted to new development possibilities and more easily access feedback from the locals. Furthermore, they can adopt some technical modules and integrate them into their products and services.

Smarticipate empowers city administrations to leverage the creativity of their citizens and foster greater levels of local engagement. It provides elected officials with the information and knowledge to make better decisions.

Participants at a Smartathon discuss the smarticipate platform

To see some theoretical depictions of how the smarticipate platform could work, read the Urban Stories.