This historic and vibrant city is taking the opportunity of smarticipate to expand participatory processes for urban regeneration, such as involving citizens in proposing new uses for abandoned buildings. The Italian capital wishes to use open data to establish a transparent base for decision-making.

For more information on how smarticipate will be used in Rome, visit the Resources page and check out the Urban Stories.

These Urban Stories provide examples of how the smarticipate platform can be applied. While the stories themselves are based on the real capabilities of the platform, the characters in the Urban Stories are fictitious. They serve to display the type of common issues that citizens, public authorities and businesses have in urban areas, and how smarticipate can be used to help them tackle these issues.

Urban Stories


Rome Urban Story: Regulations for green areas


Rome Urban Story: Recovery planning

Live case studies


Smartathon - Rome
Smartathon II - Rome