The smarticipate app will give citizens the ability to engage in the urban planning process like never before. Project partners have developed a short video to show how the app will work in practice. In the video, a Father uses smarticipate to incorporate a day-care centre into the existing plans for a co-working space.

Using the smarticipate 3D model-maker, the Father sketches a day-care centre next to the co-working space, but he is automatically informed that the land use regulations do not permit it. Instead, the app tells him that an extra floor can be added to the co-working space building, which can function as a nursery.

The idea is then shared with other local residents, who use the smarticipate app to make suggestions and to add improvements. Following an in-person meeting between the council and residents, the idea for the nursery is submitted to experts within the council, who make necessary technical changes. The plan, which started on the smarticipate app, is now ready to be implemented.

Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.